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The most complete U.S. obituary collection available online
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Updated daily, is the largest and most comprehensive collection of U.S. newspaper obituaries and death notices available to the general public online. Each day, consolidates records from hundreds of newspapers nationwide into a single, fully searchable database with more than 22 million listings—this is approximately 70% of all recent obituaries and death notices published in the United States. An extensive, daily editorial review of every section of each newspaper ensures that obituaries and death notices are added to this database—including paid and unpaid death notices in the classifieds and records.

Faster, more accurate search results
Each record in is individually indexed by the name of the deceased person and provides complete bibliographic citation information: the newspapers’ name, date, city, state, edition and page number. Also, an intuitive, map-based interface enables consumers to search specific cities, states, regions or the entire country. Finally, the text of each record is fully searchable, making it easy to search for and find the names of family members or the deceased’s place of residence, occupation, avocation, education, military history, church/religious affiliation or other personal information. In total, indexing, the map-based interface and powerful search capabilities all ensure faster, more accurate search results.

Advanced features
Three easy-to-use search fields—name, publication date and keyword—enable the public to pinpoint specific information, and helpful search hints provide tips and techniques on how to execute searches. Users of also have the ability to truncate names to identify spelling variations, and the powerful search engine supports Boolean, proximity and wildcard searches.

Generate additional revenue
Featuring content from hundreds of newspapers across the U.S., enables your organization to generate new revenue by leveraging obituaries content nationally and internationally. Offering a generous revenue sharing model, NewsBank indexes all listings and adds them to the database automatically—your publication does not have to spend time and resources to provide listings separately.

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